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We believe in treating the whole person, using both evidence-based medicine and holistic practices. We offer natural supplements where possible to help you achieve mental wellness.

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Welcome to Blue Peak Wellness Co.

At Blue Peak Wellness Co., we take a fully collaborative approach to your treatment, going forward as a team to discover solutions that work for you. We specialize in the treatment of mood disorders (depression, bipolar disorder), anxiety disorders, OCD, and ADHD. We often use Thorne natural supplements as monotherapy or to augment your prescription medication.


We're under construction! We are remodeling our space into a state-of-the-art facility with the ability to obtain labs in-house and perform genetic testing. Coming Fall 2024! Existing clients, check your email for instructions to access our telehealth patient portal!


If you prefer the convenience of being seen from your home without the need to travel to appointments, we can help!

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What is online psychiatry and why is it great?

Video-based online psychiatry is a convenient, affordable, and easily accessible way for you to receive mental health treatment.
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Our psychiatric providers are carefully selected for our team based on experience.

Real Results

Our patients are overwhelmingly satisfied with their results and continue their treatment with us.

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We're just a secure message away when using our HIPAA-compliant patient portal.


Our prescriptions are electronically sent to your local pharmacy, or can be mailed directly to you.

We're here to care for you!

See why our patients love our holistic approach to mental health!

Happy Stories

We help give you the tools to feel better
Really great program. I love how they have looked at all aspects of my life and not just what medication that I am taking. I think if you are looking for great progressive and functional care professionals this place is the way to go!
Scott P.
Amazing! Blue Peak Wellness Co. has helped me out a lot! A great provider I recommend this place to others I’ve been with him for almost a year and everything’s working out for me.
Laura T.
My provider is very thoughtful with his approach to mental health and the psychiatry industry. I thought holistic just meant organic or crunchy, but he has totally changed my mind and mental health!
Amy T.
They do more than just write a prescription and end the appointment after 5 minutes. I feel like he really listens to what I have to say, and that he genuinely wants me to get better. I appreciate all the hard work he's put into treating me.
Marcus E.
My provider was great. Really helped me through a dark time through a combination of meds, sounds, and other ways to cope. The supplements that they recommended have really helped me a ton.
Joe A.