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Why Thorne?

Our practice exclusively sells Thorne supplements because we believe they ​offer the highest quality and most effective products on the market. Thorne ​uses rigorous testing and quality control measures to ensure their ​supplements are pure, potent, and free from contaminants. We take Thorne supplements ourselves and stand behind their commitment ​to providing top-quality supplements that support optimal health and ​wellness. That’s why they’re trusted by researchers at Cleveland Clinic, ​Emory, Johns Hopkins, Columbia, Duke, and more.


1. Thorne tests every raw material and component for contaminants. Better ingredients means better potency, absorption, and digestibility – and ultimately better health. 

2. Testing during manufacturing helps ensure the correct amount of ingredients are used in their formulations, and they stringently check for every bottle, label, or capsule for defects throughout the manufacturing process. 

3. Finished products are tested to confirm the identity, potency, and purity of the product — and to confirm that no microbiological contamination occurred during manufacturing.

 4. Thorne tests product stability to confirm each product will meet its label claims up to the product’s expiration date.

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In a 2022 study published in JAMA (the largest peer-reviewed medical journal), researchers found that of the 30 dietary supplements evaluated:

17 products had inaccurate labels
13 had ingredients listed on the labels that were not detected through analysis (misbranded)
had substances detected that were not claimed on the product labels, some of which may be considered adulterated
were misbranded and contained ​additional components not claimed on ​the label


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Let's get you hooked up with a 25% discount - no promo code needed!

We think that quality supplements should be affordable — for a limited time, we’re offer free shipping and a locked in 25% discount coupon (no subscription or minimum order required!) when purchased directly through Thorne! That’s a reoccurring discount – not just on your first order!

Ordering direct from Thorne means you’ll always receive product that is:

Orders are backed by Thorne’s award winning USA-based customer service and 60-day satisfaction guarantee! Plus, each order will earn Thorne reward points, redeemable for free products!


Lock in your 25% Thorne discount in 30 seconds!

  1. Click to register for a new account
  2. Fill out your name, email, and create a password, then click Continue
  3. Fill in your date of birth and gender. When prompted how you were referred, confirm that it says that you’ve been referred by Blue Peak Wellness Co. If it doesn’t, update this to ensure that you get our client discount.
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You’re done! Wasn’t that easy? If you check your Thorne.com profile page – you should now see Blue Peak Wellness Co. as your Professional Connection. This means that your discount is locked in for every order you place! Your savings will appear at checkout – no Thorne promo code or discount code needed!

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We’re sorry – we cannot add existing Thorne.com customers as our client base. You can sign up for a new account using a different email address, though!


Lots! Shipping is free (often same-day!) with no minimum order or subscription required. You’ll always receive the freshest inventory direct from the factory with confidence that it was properly stored. Your happiness is is backed by Thorne’s 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Plus, you earn rewards points with each purchase! We love redeeming points for free supplements or Thorne swag like pill boxes and t-shirts!

Not at all – the discount is reoccurring and applies to any supplement that Thorne sells! The only exclusion are the health tests, which are not discountable per Thorne (sorry!)

We’re loyal Thorne users ourselves and think that quality supplements should be available to everyone. That’s why we extend the majority of our commission to our clients in the form of a discount. We love their supplements and we’re confident that you will too.

No promo or discount code is needed once your account is tied to our client list! The discount will automatically apply once the product(s) is added to your cart.

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